Thank you for visiting my website. This site will act as a publishing platform for me to share my designs and artwork that I created for school projects and during my own time. I am a fourth year student studying in Simon Fraser University. I am also a graphic designer, photographer and a food enthusiast. I love travelling, taking pictures, cooking and spending time with my beloved fur children (my pups!). The work on this site is a representation of my view towards this world and expression of my emotions in art form. Enjoy and please feel free to leave me some comments and feedbacks.

Mission Statement and Mandate

The purpose of creating this website is to use this platform as a digital portfolio to share and exhibit the artworks and designs that I have created throughout my undergrad years. This site’s target audience will be university students and people who love different arts and graphic designs, just as myself. Further, this site is also intended for my future employers to assess my abilities as a junior designer and photographer.
My aim in creating this site is to organise all the knowledge I learned about design and publish all my artwork to build up a professional portfolio that may enable job opportunities and collaboration with other like-minded individuals. By building my website and sharing my work, I also wish to inspire people to get in touch with art more often in their everyday lives. I want my audiences to know that art is not as complicated as it is portrayed in the media, everything is arts, and we should not be afraid to do so. Everyone can create their own artwork, and everyone can become an artist.

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