Magazine Design – Cover (1)

Cover Design Concept

The cover was designed to create a modern, stylish, and smart impression to attract target
readers who are interested in improving and getting more inspirations in sharing their urban
lifestyles with their dog best friend. A bold, serif font was used for the logo of the magazine as a representation of the contemporary, modern lifestyles that Urban paw wishes to promote. The color black is used for the most part of the logo, while the first letter of the magazine’s title was changed to yellow to match the background color of the cover. Additionally, the color of the logo and could be alternated with various color versions according to the cover features in future issues. For Urban Paw’s spring 2020 issue’s cover, a photography of a happy Pomeranian with a gold-yellow toned background is used. The decision to use yellow as the primary color of the cover is because the color yellow represents happiness, joy, optimism, and the gold-tone of the color also gives contemporary feelings to the reader. Moreover, some simple graphics that consist of bubbles of dots is added to the cover to make the cover looks more fun and eyecatching for the readers. The color of the cover image is designed to correspond to the overall subtle color palette used in the cover feature to enhance the feeling of a stylish urban lifestyle that the magazine intends to promote.

Magazine Cover Design

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