Peer Review 2

This is the second peer review of this course, and this time I will be reviewing Samatha’s Blog –

About Sam

Sam is currently a student who is studying Criminology and Psychology at Simon Fraser University. She describes herself as a lover of all things and considers herself is very average at most things. Therefore, she named her blog
Sam has many passions and interests, so she intended to use her site,, as a platform to share her hobbies, artworks and the process of her creations with her audiences.

Let’s Cook – The Chat and Chew

In her blog posts, Sam mentioned she likes to cook, and she teaches kids cooking class. I really enjoy the Chat and Chew section in her blog, where she shares her cooking class (elementary school lunch club) recipes. The Chat and Chew section is fun to read. Even though the recipes are designed for kids, they are great quick and fun recipes for busy adults too. I would suggest Sam to try maybe also consider to create some contents for older audiences as well.

Let’s Create

I really like the idea of Sam posting her weekly creation on her site, where she invites and challenges people to engage with her through the weekly creation. Sam mentioned she loved creating things and encouraging people to do art. She believes that one does not have to be good at art to create artwork and encourages her audience to try using her Let’s Create section.


The content of Sam’s site is suitable for audiences of all ages. The recipes she created and her weekly art creation posts can attract a wide range of audience people such as students, food lovers, and people who love art and doing craftwork.

Web design

I think that has a really great overall design, and I particularly love the design of the cursor on Sam’s website. I love how the egg cursor matches her content on the Let’s cook category and the overall colour scheme used on her site. However, it would be more exciting if the cursor could change into something that corresponds to the topic of the different section of her website, as the egg-shaped icon may not be a good representation of the other contents.

Further, I like the colours she used on her site. It brings out a sense of joy, fun, and artsy at the same time. The contents and the theme designed for the site complement each other well and give the audience a feeling of unity. The menu of each category are well organised, and it separates the contents very clearly. I like how Sam included various images on the side of her website, which enhance the visual experience for the audiences while browsing her website. Lastly, I also love how she also included her favourite jams to share with the audiences while browsing her site.

Overall, has a very joyful and interesting aesthetic and creative content. I’m looking forward to seeing more contents on her website.

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