Content Creation #1

Since my website is a Portfolio, It is challenging to have a specific category of audience. I also feel like my site’s traffic will not be as much as other sites like food blogs, fitness blogs, and personal blogs.

Suppose I need to consider who is going to be my audience. I imagine my target audience will be university students and people looking to learn skills and maybe use my site to understand what a portfolio site would look like for an undergrad student.

If I need to reach out to see who my audience is, I will most likely include a survey on my page. The survey will be a plugin on my site’s sidebar. Such design will not disrupt the overall aesthetic designed for the site and allow visitors to be less pressured while answering the questions, and I may be able to gather more helpful information. If possible, I would want to create an email signup option like a monthly newsletter. By signing up for the newsletter, I will be able to gather more personal details from my audiences, such as their age, name, and email and use for future marketing.

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