Redesign Book Cover For Three Different Audiences (3)

The last cover is a non-fiction geology guidebook about crystals, rocks, and minerals designed for young adults. A high-quality crystal photograph is used as the main visual for the cover for young adults as it would be more serious and mature. Two dark green rectangles are placed in the middle of both the top and bottom to make the overall design interact with each other and makes the overall image looks more proportionate and maintains the consistency of the colour scheme used. The fonts that are used to accompany the photography are both san serif fonts, which are BigNoodleTitling(for the title) and Lato ( regular for subtitle and bold for author’s name). In order to express a more modern and new age as well as high-class feelings while adding a mysterious sense to the cover, the colour black, white, gold and grey and navy green are used as the primary colours of the cover.


Final Design

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